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Tower A、The Zenith、821 Pacific Hwy、Sydney NSW 2067、オーストラリア

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Partner’s Reviews

by Martyn Lim on 31FX | Forex and CFD Online Trading
31fx is the best!!!

I have activated my account 3 months ago and I am comfortable to say that 31fx helped me a lot. I am able to get my profits on a monthly basis to help me out in my food cart business. Also, I am able to earn profits conveniently.

by Mikael on 31FX | Forex and CFD Online Trading

Had a very pleasant experience with this firm, after a very negative experience with these scammers calling themselves USI Tech. After a very thorough assessment process, I was able to recover 90% of my funds due to settlement. They encouraged me to continue for the full amount but I needed the money. Very professional and straight to the point.

by Anonymous on 31FX | Forex and CFD Online Trading

No espanol, bad. I not understand english good. Do not kno if earn of no money. GET ESPANOL SPEAKER!!!!

by Anonymous on 31FX | Forex and CFD Online Trading

I had a problem with my account, It said that my account got disabled, I was able to get it back
by talking to support. To my surprise, the funds went 0 I thought I got scammed. I was informed that
It was just part of the recovery and my funds went back to normal after an hour. Only problem I
had with them with this is the support took like 45 minutes to get back to me. But everything
is okay.

by Anonymous on 31FX | Forex and CFD Online Trading

Just been a month with 31FX, everything is working as intended so far. Got me a broker called Mark.
Guy is knowledgeable but seems to be a little arrogant but I guess that's nature of the business.
Earned me $200 so far. Earned better but sure thing that this works for me despite it being a little slow.